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Sun Burst Page

This is our web application (requires Flash plugin on your browser), feel free to download the desktop application from this link (stay tuned for the macOS version of the desktop app).

Here, each cell represents and element of the modular group: PSL(2,Z). We take the two elliptic standard generators S and L, with S is of order 2 and R is of order 3, so that PSL(2,Z) = Z/2Z * Z/3Z. The first circle contains the three cells I, L, and L^2 = LL. The neighbouring cells are S, LS, and LLS. The remaining cells are constructed following the same principles.

You may click on an element. You will see a box showing the capabilities. For instance, you may choose to bring the cell to the cell represented by I (i.e. conjugate by the corresponding element). This way, one might pay a visit to infinity!

The blue cells represent other elements with the same trace.

You can look at the cark representing the binary quadratic form. And the most important part is: InfoMod can now solve the representation problem!!! At the moment it can solve the equation ax^2 + bxy + cy^2 = N for a,b,c and N up to +/-  2*10^9.