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Journées Arithmétiques 2019

1. If you want to give a talk, please submit your article through this link.

  • Your abstract will be sent to an anonymous referee. So please provide enough details in your abstract.
  • You'll be notified on the acceptance status of your talk with an email which also contains a custom link to the registration and payment page.
  • The conference fee is 120€ for senior and 100€ for junior/emeritus participants (the exchange rate is fixed at 5₺/€ for local participants, as a protection from recent volatility). 
  • There is some financial support available for junior participants. You may apply for financial support through the same link as above   

2. If you do not plan to give a talk on Journées Arithmétiques 2019, please follow this link to access registration and payment pages.

Feel free to contact us through for all your inquiries and assistance requests.


Review and Program Committees:



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