Meral Tosun


Galatasaray University

Department of Mathematics

Ciragan Cad. No.36, 34357 Istanbul, Turkey

Telephone: + 90 212 227 44 80 - 464

e-mail: mtosun|at|

Research Interests
Singularities in algebraic geometry: Resolution and deformations of singularities, Topology of singularities, Classification of singularities,
Lie algebras related with surface singularities. Toric geometry. Tropical geometry.

Research Experience
› DEA mathematics Université Paris VII, Paris, France. June 1994

› Ph.D. mathematics Université d'Aix-Marseille I, Marseille, France. March 1998.

  Advisor: Prof. Lê Dũng Tráng.

› Postdoctoral fellowship, The Abdus Salam ICTP, Trieste, Italy.

› Postdoctoral fellowship, Instituto de Mathematicas UNAM, Cuernavaca, Mexico.

› Part-time research fellowship, Feza Gursey Institute, Istanbul, Turkey.

› Assistant Professor, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.

› Associate Professor, Galatasaray University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Nash resolution for some rational singularities, (with A.Altintas Sharland and E.Garcia-Barrosso)

  In Preparation.

Triple Root Systems, Quasi-determinantal Quivers and Examples of Linear Free Divisors, (with A.Altintas-Sharland and K.Nakamoto)

  Submitted for publication.

Nonisolated forms of rational triple singularities and their resolutions via Newton Polygon, (with A.Altintas-Sharland and G.Cevik)

  To appear in Rocky Mountain Math. J., 2014.

Construction of simple elliptic singularities of type \tilde D_5 and generalization of Slodowy slices, (with K. Nakamoto)

  J. of Algebra, V.376,  2013.

Simple singularities and simple Lie algebras , (with Lê D. T.)

  TWMS Jour. Pure Appl. Math. V.2, N.1, 2011, pp. 97-111.

Invariants of open books of links of surface singularities, (with A. Nemethi)

  Studia Sci. Mat. Hungarica, 48 (1), 2011.

Arrangements and Local Systems, and Singularities, (with F.Elzein, A.Suciu, M.Tosun, A.M.Uludag, S.Yuzvinsky)

  Progress in Mathematics, Vol.283, 2010.

Generators of the semigroup of Lipman of positive divisors, (with S.Altinok)

  Bull. Braz. Math.Soc, New series, 39 no. 1-13, 2008.

Semi-universal deformations of some simple elliptic singularities, (with K.Nakamoto)
  Comptes Rendus Math., vol. 345, Issue 1, 2007.

Toric varieties associated with weighted graphs, (with S.Altinok)
  Int. Mathematical Forum, 2006.

› Classification of rational singularities of multiplicity 5, (with Z.Oer and A.Ozkan)
  Int. J. of Pure and Appl. Mathematics vol. 41, (1), 2007.

› Some surface singularities obtained via Lie algebras, (with K.Nakamoto)
  Proceedings of Singularities in Geometry and Topology, 2005.

ADE singularities, chambers and toric varieties.
  Proceedings of Soc. Math. de France, Sèminaire et Congrés 10, 2005.

Combinatorics of rational surface singularities, (with Lê D. T.)
  Comment. Math. Helv. 79 (3), 2004.

Tyurina components and rational cycles for rational singularities.
  Turkish J. of Math. Volume 23 (3), 1999.

› Arbres associès aux singularités rationnelles,
  C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris t.329 Sèrie I, 1999.

Singularités rationelles des surfaces

  PhD. Thesis, Universite d'Aix-Marseille I, 1998.

My research works are available at
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   Graduate Students

› A.Altintas (MSc, Yıldız Technical University), Geometry of Toric Varieties, 2006. She is now at.

› E.Bilgin (MSc, Co-advisor, Istanbul Technical University), A Theorem of Katz, 2009. She is now at.

› G.Cevik (MSc, Co-advisor, Koç University), Resolution of Some Non-isolated Hypersurface Singularities, 2011. She is now at

› A.Gunduz (MSc, Co-advisor, Marmara University), Free Divisors and Singularities, 2014.

› B.Ötüş, (MSc, Co-advisor, Koç University), Tropical Hypersurfaces in Groebner Fan, 2015.

› E.Balcı, (MSc, Galatasaray University), Ongoing.

› B.Karadeniz, (MSc, Galatasaray University), Ongoing.

› Dieter Van Den Bleeken (Belgium), 2011. He is now at.

› Richard Gonzales (Peru), 2012. He is now at

› Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos (Greece), 2015-

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