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12 - 25 September 2010, İstanbul

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1 From Istanbul Airports to Harem Hotel

The city of Istanbul has two commercial airports on both continents, Europe and Asia.

Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST) is located on the European side of Istanbul. Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) is the newer of the two airports, located on the Asian side.

Harem Hotel is located in a quieter part of Istanbul, right across Topkapi Sarayi.

Harem Hotel on Google Maps:,+istanbul&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=45.601981,39.375&ie=UTF8&hq=mini+harem+hotel,&hnear=Istanbul,+Turkey&ll=41.008735,29.013251&spn=0.005546,0.009634&z=17

1.1 Ataturk Airport to Harem Hotel

1.1.1 By Cab:

Take a cab from Ataturk Airport to Harem Hotel (60-65 TL).

1.1.2 By Public Transportation:

  1. Take the subway from Ataturk Airport to Zeytinburnu station (1.5 TL),
  2. At the Zeytinburnu station, switch to the Tram line (1.5 TL),
  3. Get off at the Sirkeci Station,
  4. Finally, take the Harem Ferry (1.5 TL).
  5. Harem Hotel is 300 meters behind Harem Ferry Port.
Times for Harem-Sirkeci Ferry line:

1.1.3 By Havas Bus + Public Transportation:

  1. Take Havas Bus from Ataturk Airport to Taksim (10 TL).
  2. Next, take Funicular from Taksim to Kabatas (1.5 TL).
  3. Finally, take the Ferry from Kabatas to Kadikoy/Uskudar (1.5 TL).
  4. Take a cab from Kadikoy/Uskudar to Harem Hotel (6 TL).
More about Havas Bus from Ataturk Airport:

1.1.4 By Airport Pick-up:

Harem Hotel offers airport pick-up service. Please contact

for prices and availability.

1.1.5 More on Transportation From/To Ataturk Airport:

1.2 Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Harem Hotel

1.2.1 By Cab:

Take a cab from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Harem Hotel (60-65 TL).

1.2.2 By Havas Bus:

  1. Take Havas Bus from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Kadikoy (10 TL).
  2. Take a cab from Kadikoy to Harem Hotel (6 TL).
More about Havas Bus from Sabiha Gokcen Airport:

1.2.3 By City Bus:

  1. Take a City Bus E10 from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Kadikoy (3.5 TL).
  2. Take a cab from Kadikoy to Harem Hotel (6 TL).
Time Table for City Bus E10:

1.2.4 By Airport Pick-up:

Harem Hotel offers airport pick-up service. Please contact

for prices and availability.

1.2.5 More on Transportation From/To Sabiha Gokcen Airport:

1.3 Harem-Sirkeci Ferry Line

A convenient way to go to the historic part of Istanbul (Sultanahmet, the Archeology Museum etc.) is to use the Harem-Sirkeci Ferry Line.

Time Table for Harem-Sirkeci Ferry Line:

2 Where to Eat

One of the nicer sides of eating out in Turkey is that one can ask different portion sizes, say you can order half a portion or instead you can order one and a half portion.

Nearby FGE, places to eat are mostly take-out restaurants which you could go to or ask for a take-out.

2.1 Cengelkoy

Cengelkoy shore houses a number of restaurants, mostly fish restaurants and grill houses. The prices vary.

2.2 Beylerbeyi

Beylerbeyi is reachable from FGE via a Minibus/Bus(15R) to Uskudar.

2.3 Uskudar

In Uskudar, some places to try are:

  • Kanaat Lokantasi,
  • Niyazibey,
  • Gulumoglu.
Kanaat Lokantasi serves a rich variety of Turkish Cuisine. Inside the restaurant are two separate displays, one for cold dishes and one for warm dishes. Here you could look at possible choices, ask questions etc. Menu is also available.

Important Note: Kanaat Lokantasi is cash-only.

Kanaat Lokantasi on

Niyazibey is a kebap house which features an Iskender kebap with the same name Niyazibey. They also have a special Niyazibey, which is a one and half portion Niyazibey with extras.

Niyazibey on

2.4 Kadikoy

In Kadikoy, the restaurant to try is Ciya which features the local cuisine of the southeast, Antakya, Maras, Urfa, Antep. In this restaurant also, the custom is to look at the food first, perhaps talk to the chefs, write the names of meals you would like to order, and order your food at the table.

The official website of Ciya is

Ciya on

2.5 More on Restaurants in Istanbul: offers a view of restaurants in Istanbul: offers a grading of restaurants in Istanbul:

3 Taking a Cab to FGE:

Following is a list of possible nearby destinations to Feza Gursey Institute.

Prices listed here are approximate.

Destination TLs
Cengelkoy 6
Beylerbeyi 9
Uskudar 12
Kadikoy 25
Kavacik Bridge 12
Kandilli Pier 5
Kucuksu Pier 7

3.1 When taking a cab to FGE:

  • Do not accept to be dropped anywhere else.
  • If you feel that the cab price is not right, do not pay the cab fare at once, but speak to FGE Information. Only after FGE Information speaks to the driver, pay the cab fare.

4 offers a wealth of information:

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