Mathematical Topics in Quantization

Mathematics Workshop

12-15 September 2018

Galatasaray University, İstanbul, Turkey

in Collaboration with:

Galatasaray University, İstanbul, Turkey


Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

This organization is partially supported by TÜBİTAK grant '116F130: Period integrals associated to algebraic varieties' and TÜBITAK grant '115F412: Continued Fraction Maps'.

This organization is also partially supported by TMD.

Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee

Invited Speakers

Schedule of the workshop

    You can find the schedule and the list of talks by clicking. Talks will be held in the classroom A405 (Science and litterature faculty building).

Book of proceedings

Deadline: September 5th, 2018.
There will be a book of abstracts/proceedings which will be edited by the organizers and will be published online. We would like to have a 2-5 page short version of your talk. Contributed papers will be sent to an anonymous referee. Please use the templates .tex .pdf


The application deadline is July 30th.
To apply go to the application form.
(There will be a selection by the scientific committee).

Registration Fee

There is a flat registration fee of 50 Euros for the conference to be paid upon arrival. The fee is waived if you declare that you are not reimbursed by your institution.


When you need a help, please contact with the organizing committee.

For Hotel infos and useful infos click here.

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