Geometry and Arithmetic around Galois Theory

8 - 19 June 2009, İstanbul

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Groups and Models: Cherlin Bayramı 8th - 12th June 2009 Bilgi University, Istanbul

Scientific Advisory Committee

P. Dèbes, Université Lille 1
M. Emsalem, Université Lille 1
H. Önsiper, Middle East Tecnical University
M. Uludağ, Galatasaray University
Z. Wojtkowiak, Université de Nice

Objectives of GAGT 2009

This is a research level school on Algebraic Covers and their Moduli Spaces (Hurwitz spaces) in relation with Geometric Galois Theory, Inverse Galois Problems, Field Arithmetic, Fundamental groups and Galois action, Deformation methods. There will be lectures on Constructions of covers, Ample Fields, Counting points on a Hurwitz space, Arithmetic aspects of Hurwitz spaces and Descent theory. Afternoon sessions are devoted to talks by researchers including Ph.D. students.  There will be a series of preparatory lectures on Infinite Galois Theory and Hurwitz Schemes before the summer school.

This summer school is part of the activities of the GTEM research network of EU. Before the summer school, between 4-7 June, experts will deliver preparatory talks to students. This event will take place in Feza Gürsey Institute (FGI) and is organised by K. Aker.


K. Aker, Feza Gursey Institute
P. Dèbes, Université Lille (chair)
M. Tosun, Galatasaray University
M. Uludağ, Galatasaray University (chair)
S. Ünver, Koç University


K. Aker, Feza Gursey
Hurwitz Schemes (at FGI)
N. Borne, Lille
Extensions of Galois groups by solvable groups, and application to fundamental groups of curves
A. Cadoret, Bordeaux
Descent theory for covers  (lectures)
E. Çakçak, METU
An Introduction to Algebraic Fundamental Groups (at FGI)
Lenstra's Notes
P. Dèbes Geometric Galois Theory: an Introduction (at FGI)
M. Dettweiler, Heidelberg Middle convolution and the Inverse Galois Problem
A. Feyzioglu, Bosphorus Infinite Galois Theory (at FGI)
A. Fehm, Tel Aviv
Ample Fields
W-D. Geyer, Erlangen
Ample Fields
D. Haran, Ramat Aviv
Ample Fields
 İ. İkeda, Yeditepe
Higher-dimensional Langlands correspondence
M. Jarden, Tel Aviv
Ample Fields
Ş. Özden, Mimar Sinan
Fields of Norms (at FGI)
L. Ramero, Lille
Lectures on logarithmic algebraic geometry (lectures)
S. Turkelli, Wisconsin-Madison Malle's conjecture and number of points on a Hurwitz space
Z. Wojtkowiak, Nice Galois actions on fundamental groups and on torsors of paths

Research Talks

Talk Title
M. Antei, Lille
On the fundamental group scheme of a family of curves
L. Bary-Soroker Frobenius automorphism and irreducible specializations
A. Cadoret, Bordeaux A uniform open image theorem for $\ell$-adic representations
O. Cau, Lille

B. Collas, Paris 6
Action on torsion-elements of mapping class groups by cohomological methods
M. Dettweiler, Heidelberg On the automorphy of hypergeometric local systems
J.C. Douai, Lille
Principe de Hasse et Cohomologie des groupes
O. Hatami, Tehran

R. P. Holzapfel
Galois Reflection Towers
M. Kim, London Diophantine geometry and Fundamental groups
Sergio Mendes, Lisbon

D. Neftin, Tel Aviv
On arithmetic field equivalences and crossed product division
Ambrus Pal, London
The real section conjecture and Smith's fixed point theorem
Elad Paran, Tel Aviv
Power series over generalized Krull domains
S. Petersen, München

J. Poineau, Regensburg Inverse Galois Problem for Convergent Arithmetic Power Series
J. Schmidt, Heidelberg
S.Turkelli,Wisconsin-Madison Homological Stability of Hurwitz Schemes
A. Yafaev, London
Andre-Oort and Manin-Mumford conjectures: a unified approach

*Some talks will be announced during the summer school.



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